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EVALUTION® leverages high quality analytical performance from conventional immunodiagnostic approaches with the unique capability to quantify and monitor binding reactions in real-time. This provides the user with novel, timely and hence highly actionable information.

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13 december 2018, MyCartis announces the addition of a point-of-need testing technology, ANTELOPE Dx, to complement its immuno-assay technology offering. MyCartis continues to innovate in next generation immunodiagnostic technologies and as such it will engage in a novel point-of-need diagnostic solution named ANTELOPE Dx.

ANTELOPE Dx is an immuno-diagnostic platform in development, that aims to offer clinical lab performance with the ease-of-use of a pregnancy test at a consumer price tag. The technology originated from UGent, Belgium, under supervision of Professor Peter Bienstman, in the Photonics Research Group of Professor Roel Baets, with Jan-Willem Hoste as lead investigator. Jan-Willem Hoste will play a crucial role in the further development of the technology, the platform and the test menu.

Clinical lab performance with the ease-of-use of a pregnancy test

Interview with Jan-Willem Hoste

What is the most exciting aspect of the Antelope technology?

The possibility to bring clinical grade diagnostics into the hands of families, consumers and first-line healthcare professionals. At the moment, the technology is not there to radically change healthcare systems and provide immediate information on your health. This holds for consumers, nurses or doctors (GP’s). For example, you can’t screen yourself for an STI (sexually transmitted infection), nor can a GP immediately test if you need antibiotics or not. Today, it is necessary to send your sample to a centralized clinical lab. Offering that lab-quality analysis at a factor of 1000 of the price, will allow immediate access (near patient testing). The impact of this on the healthcare system and the reduction of the global cost for the society can potentially be immense.

How do you feel about the match with Mycartis?

After the research period, we raised funding at VLAIO and UGent for a two-year incubation track with the goal of building a system, developing a business proposition and raising additional capital to bring the technology to the market. We did an extensive round of pitching for various VCs and angels and found a great match with Mycartis and its investors. We realized that bringing a medical product to the market requires specific expertise, know-how and facilities. Being able to raise both the necessary funding and source these elements in via Mycartis is a win-win situation. Basically we are able to accelerate and increase our chances to be successful with our developments.

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“We believe the Antelope technology will connect the dots: affordable and easy to use, yet without compromising on quality”

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MyCartis offers an open platform approach allowing partners to co-develop assays or port existing assay products on the platform. MyCartis also supports an OEM approach (DMAT® technology inside) in which case MyCartis’ technology is integrated in partner’s existing or new instruments.